25 Ways to wear a scarf

on Monday, 01 August 2011. Posted in Fashion Blog

25 Ways to wear a scarf

 By Lucy Quiroz

It is cold and you don’t have any idea what you should wear or how to look totally chic for winter. Today you would like to look different and very fashionable and you don’t know which accessory gives live to your image. You think that your image is to plane and you want something more chic. Well, today I would like to share a really stylish video that maybe are going to help you to have an idea of how you can look fashionable in a second…

I’m not a winter girl! I like wear colours use dresses and enjoy the beach. I really don’t like use jackets, pants and all the clothes that you must use for winter. But I have to admit that the winter accessories are fashionable and elegant. Boots, long jackets and scarf are accessories that give o a really nice chic look.

This video showed me a nice way to use scarf – light chiffon for spring and summer, cashmere for fall, and wool for winter - so I wanted to share this simple and useful.  

Advice: Don’t forget that scarfs are really nice accessories that can give life to your daily outfit. You can use diverse colours and styles to look every day different and innovative.  

Check out this cool video and discover how you can look chic in one second.

Scarf tutorial video by Wendy:

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